Monday, January 11, 2010

Santa Owl Collage

Resources to consider: Paper Craft Magazine Santa Owl Pattern
Intended Grade Level(s): K-1
Estimated Class Period(s): 2 (for K, the second week only takes a couple of minutes at the end)
Materials Required:
12X18 Dark Green Construction Paper
9X12 Turquoise or Lime Green Construction Paper
9X12 Brown Construction Paper (for body and use scraps for wings)
9X12 Red Construction paper (for Santa Hat)
6X9 Tan construction paper (for belly)
2X12 White Construction paper (for white hat brim)
Circles 1 each: orange, brown and white (For eyelids and feet)
Brown crayon
Black crayon
Green Crayon
Pre-cut triangle beak
Pre-cut heart (punch, optional)
Cotton ball (for santa’s hat)
Red Glitter (optional)
Scissors, glue, pencils
1st grade Modifications:
9X3 brown Construction paper (for feathers under hat)
(2) 2X9 Lime green (or other green) construction paper (for scarf)

Goals & Objectives: The goal of this lesson is to use scissors and glue with control when creating an owl collage. CA 2.C Describe an artwork using art vocabulary: collage—a picture made by gluing shapes together.
GLEs Accomplished In Lesson:
Kindergarten PP 2.A Use scissors with control. EP 1.A Identify and use lines. 1.B Identify and use shapes. 1.B Categorize shapes as large or small. EP 1.E Use color.

Project (Steps, Examples, etc):

1. Write the word collage on the board. A collage is made by cutting and gluing shapes to make a design. We have made several collages this year. Have students describe other collages we have made. Also, have them say ‘collage’ out loud. We will be creating a Christmas owl collage today. This will require that we go step-by-step together. So even if you are finished, do not say ‘I am done’ and expect that we will go on just because you are done….if you finish early, try to help others around you or pick up trash while you are waiting. In order to create our owl we will need the scissor tray, in the tray you will have scissors, a black crayon (this is for the eyes, you won’t need that right away) a green crayon, (it is also for later) and a brown crayon (you will need that for most of the drawing!
2. Step 1: Draw a rainbow line or a rectangular shape. Using your scissors cut it out. Save the scraps. Demonstrate how to cut out two wings, making sure that they don’t use tiny baby triangles because an owl needs big wings. Demonstrate how they can use their brown to add texture for feathers while they are waiting for others to finish.
3. Step 2: Using the tan piece of paper, draw a rainbow line and cut it out for the owl’s belly. Add speckles (sort of looks like a cookie…maybe I will name my owl Chocolate Chip, or cookie!) I know you don’t have glue yet, but I will pass it out soon, we have a few more steps first!
4. Step 3: 3 circles….cute each one in half. Use orange for feet, brown and white are for eyes. Use the black to draw the eyes (At this point, I give 1st graders the option of adding dark brown feathers that would stick out under the hat)
5. Step 4: Pass out the blue or green construction paper for the owl to lay on, have students lay their owl so that it will be ready to glue. Also explain that once they get the glue, you will give them an orange beak that they will need to add. (I have 1st grade students make the scarf before they glue the beak on, first green strip: trim, second green strip, fold and fringe ends)
6. Step 5: After students have glued their owl onto the blue/green paper, have them make the Santa hat. Make a dot at the top in the middle and draw a line to each corner to create one large triangle. Have them cut it out and then pass out a white strip (might need to be trimmed if they make it super skinny), also pass out a cotton ball and a red heart.
7. Last step, glue everything to dark green construction paper and write name on the front. (First graders had time to add the glitter. 2 boxes of red glitter being passed around the room)

Week 2 Kindergarten Only: Review the collage information. At the end of today’s lesson, add the red glitter. Pass 2 boxes of glitter around the room. Remind them to draw lines or dots only, not big puddles. Allow students to take them home today.

Assessment and Reflection: Students will be assessed on their Santa owl collage based on craftsmanship and details appropriate to grade level.

Sample Photos: